About Hope Alliance

As an alliance of Christians, Hope Alliance Church maintains a fraternal Sprit with believers of other church communities and seeks to avoid controversy over moot points of doctrine and practice. We do however remain firmly commiteted to a belief in the authority of the Bible, and in the validity of the historical creeds of the Christian faith.

Rev. Steve & Connie Hughes, Sr. Pastor
Rev. Steve & Connie Hughes, Lead Pastor


Hope Alliance Church is a gathering of peoples from various walks of live. As a church family, we are blessed with folks from multi-culteral, ethnic, and social backgrounds. We find unity around a common love of Jesus Christ, God's Son. Our church family assembles to worship the Triune God, learn the truths of God's Word, and share in joyful fellowship and meaningful service. We offer God's love, hope and peace.


Our Pastor, Rev. Steve Hughes is the Lead Pastor at Hope Alliance Church. He is also a singer/songwriter with a passion for God. Pastor Steve was the Associate Pastor at Washington International Church in Washington, DC for three years and spent 20 years in the pastoral ministry in Switzerland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pastor Steve is fully committed to communicating the absolute truth of God's Word and its relevance to everyday life and strives for a ministry that is Biblically based, Christ-centered, community focused and Spirit led. He has a wonderful wife, Connie, and two beautiful daughters currently attending university.


Hope Alliance Church is associated with the International organization of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, a movement of Christians committed to taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world. The C&MA was founded over 120 years ago and maintains a strong missionary force in 81 nations. Their stated mission "...is to know Jesus Christ, exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King, and complete His Great Commission."

To learn more about The Christian and Missionary Alliance, visit their web site.

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