Our Mission, Vision & Values

Hope Alliance Church is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in the Mid-Atlantic District. The Christian & Missionary Alliance was founded in 1887 and today has a constituency of over 2 million in the United States, Canada, and 52 other countries. The work of the Alliance remains one of proclamation and anticipation: The Lord is coming.

Our Mission

To know Jesus Christ, exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King and complete His Great Commission.

Our Vision

To become...

A people of Prayer: demonstrating complete and whole-hearted dependence upon God for all of life and ministry.

A people of Joyful Praise and Worship: demonstrating a holy reverence and deep love for God, for who His is and for what He has done for His redeemed people

A people growing in Covenant relationship with God and one another: having been redeemed by the blood of Christ, God's people with the power of the Holy Spirit learn to live in trustful obedience to His Will and Word while maturing in love and care for one another.

A people who confidently declare the Saving, Purifying, Healing Gospel of Christ to all peoples: without hesitation and in the fullness of the Holy Spirit speak forth the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ.

A people who understand their task is to make Reproducing Disciples of all those who receive Jesus Christ as their Savior: diligently follow through and assist all believers in Christ to mature in their faith and minister to others in His name.

Characteristic and Core Values

These attitudes are invaluable in making us a united people that are useful to God and honor His name.

Humility: being humble in heart, meek in ministry and pliable in relationships.

Courageous: a people who respond to God's call and His Word obediently, unashamedly, sacrificially and with determination.

Purity: being single-minded and righteous in heart, mind, body, desires and relationships.

Fidelity: trustworthy, faithful, truthful in word, work, ministry and our commitment to others.

Generosity: unselfish with time, resources and giftedness for God's glory and purposes.

Conformity to Christ's Nature and Ministry: reflect a heart of compassion, grace, patience, kindness, forgiveness and speaking truth in love.

Passion for God: greatest pursuit is to enjoy the presence of God and have a longing for His Word, will, work, Name and glory.

Live a Life of Faith: quiet confidence in the Lord who is sufficient to overcome all enemies and accomplish His purposes through His people.

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