Local Evangelism Team

Local evangelism brings the good news to people in our community about God�s victorious Christ and glorious Kingdom. Jesus Christ is God�s Son, who came to reveal the way into a loving and eternal relationship with the One True God. His way overcomes personal shortcomings inherent with our sin. It demonstrates love, mercy, forgiveness and transformation.

Our church has people who have entered into a relationship with God and have experienced His loving kindness. We are compelled to help others of all ethnic backgrounds in our area to learn of our Amazing Savior and Coming King as revealed in the Bible. We desire all to worship God and enjoy Him in His glorious kingdom forever. This fulfills our divine purpose!


Hope Alliance Church has a Local Evangelism Team that meets monthly strategizing how to reach our community for Christ. We also plan different events that are stepping stones into our community.


For more information about the Local Evangelism Team, please contact the Church office.