Missions Mobilization Team

Missions is loosely defined as the ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ that sends workers across geographical, language, and cultural barriers to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to people groups who do not as yet have an established church.

Jesus said,

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."
Matthew 24:14

But missions ministry is more than taking the good news "over there." People groups exist right here is Montgomery County who are separated from the majority of the population by language and cultural differences and in some cases do not feel welcome in existing churches.


At Hope Alliance Church, the missions ministry consists of the following components:

  • Planning and implementing the annual Missions Conference in the spring
  • Publicizing the Great Commission Fund
  • Arranging for available international workers to speak at other times of the year
  • Coordinating partnerships with churches in other nations (e.g. Macedonia)
  • Facilitating the education of children and adults in missions
  • Maintaining a lending library of prayer letters from Mid-Atlantic District international workers and laborers in partner churches
  • Keeping the church family aware of missions happenings and opportunities through Missions Moments and bulletin inserts

Four words can sum it all up: Pray, Give, Send, Go.

In the months before the annual Missions Conference, our meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. During the rest of the year, we conduct our business virtually through e-mail discussions (and maybe Skype in the future?).


For more information, contact Bill (301-253-4022).